What is a fake tattoo?


Do you really want a tattoo but are you still unsure about the location or design? Discover the charm of fake tattoos! And no, these are not the pictures from the past anymore! These temporary works of art offer the perfect blend of style and flexibility, ideal for fashion-conscious individuals. Discover how our new technology ensures that you can enjoy a super realistic tattoo for 10 days.

What is a fake tattoo?

A fake tattoo, also known as a temporary tattoo, is a non-permanent image on the skin that resembles a real tattoo. These tattoos are made of nano ink, a technology based on natural ingredients. They are perfect for those who want to try out the tattoo look without the long-term commitment.

Below are some examples:

Self-expression with fake tattoos

Fake tattoos offer a unique way for self-expression and fashion experimentation. Whether you choose a fine line, a colorful butterfly or a meaningful word, these temporary works of art show off your personality and style without permanent ink.

Ideal places for fake tattoos

Fake tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body, from the wrist to the ankle. They are ideal for special occasions or just to brighten up your everyday look. With the versatility of designs at Tattoo Temporary, you will always find something that suits you.

Our best fashion collections

At Tattoo Temporary you will find an extensive collection of fake tattoos, from minimalist designs to vibrant patterns. Each collection reflects a unique style and theme, making it easy to find a tattoo to match your mood or outfit.

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