Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you super eager to enjoy your new fashion look this summer but something is still unclear? No problem! We have listed the most frequently asked questions for you and of course we are always available on our socials!

What’s in the ink?

Nano Ink. It is a revolutionary product that uses our temporary ink and embeds the formula in a nanolayer of organic material.

This technology allows us to create complex semi-permanent designs that are incredibly easy to apply!

Can you get into the sun?

Yes, with our temporary tattoos you can enjoy the sun!

How do I remove my temporary tattoo?

Do you want to remove it earlier? Lightly exfoliate your skin with an exfoliant (such as warm salt water or a body scrub). Be gentle with your skin – it may take a few tries to completely remove the ink.

Can you shower after application?

The tattoos are very light at first and that’s because the Nano ink still needs to soak into the skin. This may take 24-48 hours for best results. Therefore, we do not recommend showering after tattoo placement until after 3 hours.

Are the tattoos safe and non-toxic?

Yes. Our tattoos are safe and non-toxic. They meet FDA requirements.

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