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Temporary tattoos stars

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Temporary Star Tattoo Designs 

Dive into the world of star tattoos at Tattoo Tijdelijk. Choose from over 5 Temporary Tattoo designs, ranging from fine line to minimalist styles. Our top picks? The mini stars and the classic star, all crafted from natural ingredients for a look that lasts up to 10 days. Perfect for fashion-forward women looking to try something new. Your fresh look awaits you!

The Meaning of Star Tattoos 

Stars symbolize hope, dreams, and navigating through life. Each of our star tattoos tells a unique story. Whether you opt for a single star or a cluster of stars, these designs are more than fashion accessories; they are expressions of personal growth and freedom.

Where Does a Star Tattoo Look Best? 

Our star tattoos are versatile and suit every style. They look stunning on the wrist, collarbone, or behind your ear. With collections like 'Words of Wisdom', 'Shine Like a Star', and 'Butterflies and Flowers', you'll always find a charming addition that matches your personality.

Costs of Temporary Star Tattoo Designs 

Our star tattoos start at a friendly price, allowing you to wear a beautiful design without significant expenses. The mini and small designs are available for €6.95, and the larger designs for €8.95. Get inspired and choose your favorite star design today!