Which temporary tattoo is perfect for behind your ear?

Tijdelijke Tattoo horoscoop

Small tattoos are the accessories you don’t want to miss!

Small tattoos are super easy and fun to place behind your ear!✨💕

The tattoo behind your ear looks great with…

Would you like to try a tattoo behind your ear? Then take a look at all our small temporary tattoos. A temporary tattoo is ideal to try out your new look and behind your ear, for example, looks great together with your earrings!✨

But what kind of design?

A tattoo behind your ear is of course a bit daring. But what should you pay attention to? For example, you can go for a calm fineliner tattoo such as a flower or a heart. But you can also go for a zodiac sign tattoo, for example. 

Combine your tattoo behind your ear with earrings😍

Temporary tattoos are the accessories that are still missing from your look. Super fun to change up for a party, for example, and very handy to combine with your other accessories.

Try your own zodiac sign!

Your own zodiac sign is of course a bit special and looks great. Of course you can also go for a different design and test how it looks!✨

Tijdelijke tattoo achter oor 2

How much does a temporary tattoo cost?

Would you like to try a tattoo? Our temporary tattoos last 10 days and are the solution to see how you are doing! You can also combine it nicely with your outfit and alternate designs for a party, for example. All small tattoos cost €6.95 and the larger designs sometimes cost a little more. 

The Zodiac Collection!

The nicest zodiac sign tattoos. These temporary tattoos are one of the most beautiful collections we have to offer! ❤️

Temporary tattoo constellation


What does your zodiac sign mean?😍
Each zodiac sign has its own horoscope and unique meaning, Read our blog here to discover yours✨❤️

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