Zodiac sign tattoos and their 12 meanings

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Temporary zodiac sign tattoos

Something personal and super cute. The Zodiac sign collection is doing really well! But what exactly does your zodiac sign say? 

Zodiac sign tattoos and their meanings

Zodiac sign tattoos are really very popular! There are so many nice places where you can temporarily put the tattoo. But of course every zodiac sign tattoo has its own zodiac sign and you are of course curious to what extent it suits you!

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Zodiac sign Aries

The Aries believes in her own strength. The Aries is certainly energetic, but she is also full of courage and acts very quickly to become very successful in life! If you get a tattoo of the Aries, you are certainly not in difficult relationships. Acting quickly and enjoying love is something for a real Aries!

Meaning: Courageous, cheerful, positive, leader, fiery and impulsive

Zodiac sign Taurus

The Taurus works very hard towards her goals and perseveres until they are achieved. Patience is a Taurus strength, but sometimes it can turn into stubbornness. A Taurus is quite down to earth and does not believe in dreams. After all, she wants to achieve her goals and will do anything to do so!

Meaning:  Reliable, down-to-earth, sensual, stubborn, persistent

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Zodiac sign Gemini

Gemini is constantly on the move and very flexible. They are very easy-going and do thousands of things at the same time! A veritable bomb of ideas arises when the twins wake up. Twins gossip a bit too much, so they have to be careful with that because it can get you into trouble with your friends. Fortunately, the twins are smart enough and often know who they are gossiping to!

Meaning:  Playful, cheerful, busy, enthusiastic, funny, smart

Zodiac sign Cancer

A Cancer is a very good listener! She listens well to others and, thanks to this quality, is also a very good friend in a relationship and can take good care of her partner. She can also be very sensitive if she feels threatened and a safe situation is super important for a Cancer. If no safe situation arises, the lobster will crawl back into its safe house!

Meaning:  Caring, shy, homely, emotional, intuitive

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The lion is a strong and very confident person. She attaches great importance to luxury and status symbols and also likes to share that with people close to her. Giving gifts is part of a lion itself and temporary tattoos are a super nice gift to give to your bestie! When you go for something, you will achieve it. A Leo is self-confident and likes to take on responsibility as a true leader.

Meaning:  Confident, loyal, leader, generous, spontaneous, creative

Zodiac sign Virgo

A Virgo is a very down-to-earth person and always tries to control their emotions with their mind. This is a smart way, but Virgo shows that she is smart in several ways! She is very intelligent and does her best to investigate how she can train her mind. The horoscope of Virgo is also super beautiful and we often see it placed as a tattoo behind the ear.❤️

Meaning:  Smart, perfectionist, down-to-earth, investigative, helpful

Zodiac sign Libra

Yes, a Libra is a real bridge builder and tries to maintain as much peace as possible in the group. Although she often gets caught in the crossfire herself because of course she tries not to take sides and that is sometimes difficult with your friends. You also have a lot of friends because of your social skills and finding a balance is not difficult. You are a Libra after all! In addition to friends, a partner is also very important to you and you are a true romantic. Are you planning to get a tattoo of a scale? Maybe a gift for your partner would also be nice! For example, consider taking a heart together?😍

Meaning:  Social, fickle, bridge builder, romantic

Zodiac sign Scorpio

Are you a scorpio? Then you’re in luck because Scorpios are the most loyal friends there are! Deep conversations will take you very far in life and will help you build great relationships! The combination of your strengths makes you such a beautiful person. Emotional, passionate but also decisive. All the people around you know what you’re like and have a lot of respect for this!✨

Meaning:  Deep, emotional, decisive, passionate, loyal


Zodiac sign Sagittarius

An archer likes to be free! But that’s not always that easy. There is of course an urge to be free. However, she remains optimistic and there is always a way to achieve that. A good job can of course also help with this and an archer is very intellectual and will therefore have some freedom during her job. Your friends and family really enjoy hanging out with you because as a Sagittarius you are always enthusiastic and honest. A tattoo of a sagittarius symbol stands for honesty and we think that is a super strong and beautiful sign!

Meaning:  Honest, optimistic, intellectual, free, enthusiastic

Zodiac sign Capricorn

As a Capricorn you are a real hard worker. Achieving something beautiful often takes time, but as a Capricorn you are smart enough to understand that sometimes you have to wait patiently.  You feel good about yourself at work because everyone respects your hardworking efforts and the responsibility you take for your tasks. Outside of work you are a fairly down-to-earth person and you can also look critically at yourself. This means that you are an honest person to your friends and family and that is great to be around!

Meaning:  Hardworking, critical, down-to-earth, responsible, patient

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Zodiac sign Aquarius

The Aquarius has a very special life! She is very rebellious and a tattoo here and there can’t hurt. With her many friends you can say that she is very strong socially. Enjoying the single life is a strong point for an Aquarius, she fully enjoys the rebellious life, but for how long? Aquarius is really full of ideas, not only for new tattoo ideas but also in the field of work or working for yourself!

Meaning:  Quirky, independent, rebellious, innovative, social

Constellation Pisces

As a Pisces, you are a very gentle person and self-protection is very important to you. Fish naturally dive into the water and you also protect yourself. But the fact that you are sensitive is of course also a wonderful thing! You can enjoy all the beautiful things around you in the world. Much more than others can do!✨

Meaning:  Wise, spiritual, sensitive, dreamy, creative, gentle

How much does a temporary tattoo cost?

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What does your zodiac sign mean?😍
Each zodiac sign has its own horoscope and unique meaning, Read our blog here to discover yours✨❤️

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