Larger tattoos look great on your back

Tijdelijke tattoo slang groot 1

Are you curious which tattoos are perfect for your back?

With our temporary tattoos you can test it perfectly and we have found some inspiration for you!✨💕

The minimalist snake tattoo is a nice example

Many girls choose a snake as a tattoo on their back. The snake tattoo comes in beautiful subtle feminine designs and looks really amazing on your back✨

Would you rather have something else? Then go for a mandala or unalome!

The mandala and unalome tattoos look really beautiful on your back. When you wear something with an open back, the tattoo really looks great. It is actually an accessory for your upper back that just completes your look.

You often see that other tattoos are combined with a mandala. Such as a text or a rose in which the mandala overflows!

Tijdelijke tattoo rug

Tattoos of texts are totally hot😍

Temporary tattoos are the accessories that are still missing from your look. For example, consider a beautiful Latin text as a tattoo for your back. As we said, you can also combine a text with a rose such as our love rose temporary tattoo.

Your back is really the perfect place for this tattoo!

In this place you can easily hide the temporary tattoo and many girls put a larger text over their entire back. But of course you can also try it first with a little one!✨

Tijdelijke tattoo rug 2

How much does a temporary tattoo cost?

Would you like to try a tattoo? Our temporary tattoos last 10 days and are the solution to see how you are doing! You can also combine it nicely with your outfit and alternate designs for a party, for example. All small tattoos cost €6.95 and the larger designs sometimes cost a little more. 

The Words of Wisdom Collection!

The nicest word tattoos. These temporary tattoos are one of the most beautiful collections we have to offer! ❤️

Temporary tattoo snake minimalist


Our favorite snake from the By artists Collection😍🐍
Enjoy your new look for 10 days ❤️

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