How much does a fake tattoo cost?


Discover the affordable prices of stylish fake tattoos at Tattoo Temporary. From mini to large designs, find the perfect temporary tattoo to suit your style and budget.

The cost of style: How much does a fake tattoo cost?

At Tattoo Temporary we understand that style is important, but that it must also remain affordable. Our fake tattoos offer the perfect balance between price and quality. Costs range from just $6.95 for our cute mini tattoos to around $9.95 for larger, more detailed designs.

Below are some examples:

Price and quality: the value of temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos from Tattoo Temporary are not only affordable, but also of high quality. Each design is carefully crafted with safe, skin-friendly materials, giving you the look of a real tattoo without the permanent commitment. Our tattoos are an excellent choice for those who want to experiment with their style. They offer the freedom to change designs regularly, which is ideal for fashion-conscious individuals who like to update their look.

A tattoo for every budget: price overview of fake tattoos

Our range of temporary tattoos are designed to suit different budgets. From our mini tattoos for €6.95 to the slightly larger and more complex designs for €9.95, there is something for everyone.

Collections and costs: find your perfect tattoo

At Tattoo Temporary we have a wide range of collections, each with their unique styles and prices. For example, our ‘Butterflies and Flowers’ collection offers beautiful natural designs from €7.95, while the ‘Lettering’ collection offers creative textual tattoos from €6.95. This diversity in collections ensures that you will always find a tattoo that not only suits your style, but also your budget.

Discover our bestseller and buy your fake tattoo

Ready to transform your look with a stylish fake tattoo? Visit our website and discover our extensive range of temporary tattoos. From subtle mini hearts to striking butterflies.

Original price was: £8.95.Current price is: £7.95.

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