Can you go into the sun with a temporary tattoo?

Tijdelijke Tattoo sunshine 2

Sun and Temporary Tattoos: Soak up the Rays in Style

A frequently asked question is whether you can go out in the sun with temporary tattoos. The answer is a resounding yes!✨💕

Sun, Sea, and… Temporary Tattoos: A Bright Summer!

With our temporary tattoos you can enjoy the sun with confidence. The ink soaks into the top layer of your skin, allowing you to sunbathe freely without worrying about damage to your tattoo. In fact, heat and sunlight can actually stimulate the ink, making the tattoo darker and more vibrant.

Tijdelijke tattoo travel

Shine in Style: Tips for Sunbathing with Temporary Tattoos

Do you want to know how to make your temporary tattoo shine in style under the sun? Discover some helpful tips and tricks to ensure your tattoo looks great while you enjoy the warmth and sunlight.

With our temporary tattoos you can go out into the sun without any worries, knowing that your style will be preserved. The warmth of the sun will only enhance your tattoo, making you look radiant as you enjoy the summer. Have fun in the sun!

Tijdelijke tattoo travel 2

How much does a temporary tattoo cost?

Would you like to try a tattoo? Our temporary tattoos last 10 days and are the solution to see how you are doing! You can also combine it nicely with your outfit and alternate designs for a party, for example. All small tattoos cost €6.95 and the larger designs sometimes cost a little more. 

The summer essentials Collection!

The nicest travel tattoos. These temporary tattoos are one of the most beautiful collections we have to offer! ❤️

Temporary tattoo sunshine


Yes! Sun is out, now it’s your turn to shine!☀️
Enjoy your new look for 10 days this summer ❤️

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Temporary tattoo butterfly minimalist


The butterfly symbolizes beauty!❤️
Enjoy your new look for 10 days🦋

SKU: TT S Vlinder minimalistisch Categories: , ,
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Temporary tattoo palm trees


Our faves from the Summer essentials Collection😍🌴
Enjoy your new look for 10 days ❤️

SKU: TT S Palmboompjes Categories: , , ,
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Temporary tattoo wave


The little wave is a trend!✨🌊
Enjoy your new look for 10 days ❤️

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